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The Best Brands Are The Ones That Are Seen

We Are Influencing Futures With Videos
We Create, You Inspire

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Storytellers. Creatives. Dreamers. 

We are an award-winning production company that's decisively different.
Our focus is on inspirational cinematic storytelling. We create original stories, branded entertainment, advertising, and premium short-form video content for brands and agencies. Our services cover video production, brand development, marketing implementation, and more. At MDR Films, our team of creatives work collaboratively to bring your story to life and to get it in front of the right audience.

Serving all 50 states and internationally


An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Your brand video is the differentiator. It's an emotional connector that humanizes you and your business. So not only do you stand out from competitors, you connect with your audience on an emotional level that makes you seen as the obvious choice. Our brand videos and brand development methods not only set the tone for your business, but they also set you apart from your competitors.


 We live to tell stories and are proud to cultivate a team of award winning filmmakers and creatives.

We tell stories that create an emotional response. Our stories get people talking, keep people listening, and move the audience to take action.

  Our custom approach to the cinematic experience is what differentiates us, and it's what will differentiate you as well.     



We are results driven. 

We design each project for a specific audience, a specific platform, and a specific outcome.

We learn all about your organization inside and out so that we can support your big picture goals and strategies. 

We not only work diligently to craft custom strategies, but we make it our mission to help your business grow.

Having an amazing video is great, but are you getting it in front of the right audience in the most effective way? That's what we do.


emotion drives decision making

The Best Content Is The One That Creates An Emotional Response & Moves The Audience To Action

First-class cinematic video work is the heart of our business — it delivers value, creates change and drives growth. We focus on crafting your message in ways that resonates with your audience, while aiding in delivering incredible results.








Showing your world better.

Find out how to become the obvious choice in your market

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