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Who We Are

Video Editing

Filmmakers. Storytellers. Writers. Marketers. Designers. Creatives.  

We are a team comprised of a multitude of creatives - from filmmakers to cinematographers, editors, writers, project managers, and marketers. Here at MDR Films, you don't just get a production company, you get an entire team of creatives. We work diligently and collaboratively on your project to produce the best possible cinematic experience, all while generating brand awareness and growing your business.
We are motivated by crafting videos in a way that captivates your viewers, evokes an emotional connection, and separates you from your competitors to drive your bottom line. This unparalleled passion for telling our client's stories in an unforgettable way is what we live for. 
Live Show Recording
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Showing your world better.

Find out how to become the obvious choice in your market

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